Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Lions


The man went to the fire escape and he joined him. Now, the two of them are standing facing the river. Though the night is dark still, he knew it would be dawn soon. The man reaches into the inner pocket of his suit-jacket and pulls out a packet of smoking tobacco and a sheet of rolling papers. He rolls himself a small cigarette and lights it with a disposable lighter. He turns away from the man's smoke, but the acrid smell of the tobacco wafts up his nostrils anyway. He coughs into his fist and the wind blows cold.

" What do you want with me? " He says.
The man takes a breath of his tobacco and lets out a plume of gray smoke.
" Three hundred and thirteen of the most vile, wretched souls to ever walk the Earth have escaped from Perdition last night. They are confined here to this city. Find them. Bring them back. "
" Why me? " He says
" Because of who you are " The man says.
" And who am I? "
The man takes a drag and releases more smoke.
" You're Detective Caleb August, N.Y.P.D. In life, you were a hunter of men. "
" And now I am a hunter of the dead. " He says and nods and understands the full weight of it. He shoves the weight aside for now, for there will be time to think on it later.
" Why do you care? " He asks.
The man looks at him and his brow raises.
" What? " The man asks.
" You're the Devil " He says. " Hell breaking loose on Earth. Be something you would enjoy. "
The man drops his eyes and he smiles an easy smile.
" You people never seem to understand. " The man says. " No matter how often your told, it never truly sinks in. "
" Told what? " He asks.
" The beginning. " The man says.

In the beginning there was God and only God; And God create the silver city and he craeted the Choirs of Angels to serve him and the most beautiful of all was called Mourningstar, who name is Lucifier and he was light. And God separated the Heavens from the Earth and all was darkness. And Lucifier looked down upon the darkness and said to God to bring the light down from the Heavens and God said let there be light and there was light. God then made man in his image and commanded his Angels to bow down before Man; And all bowed save for The Mourningstar who was name was Lucifer and was called The Lightbringer. And lo' God said unto Lucifer " Serve man as thou serve the Lord God, for Man is cast in the image of the Lord. " And Lucifer said " I, that was made the first amongst the highest of the high, love and serve only that that maketh me and give me form from light and love and serve no other, but our Lord God. " And God cast him down into the bowels of the Earth to make domain over the damned and the lost who know not the love of God, to rule forever and ever.


The man smiles and looks toward the river. The man finishes his rolled cigarette and flicks it down into the wet street.
" I understand. " He says.
" Do you? " The man asks.
And he says " Yeah, I do. You have a job to do. "
" And now, so do you. " The man says.
He looks up and then looks away and then looks at the sea. In the horizon, the first light of morning crowns like a new born. The sky shifts from black to purple to orange to red. Soon, the globe will roost high and the city will shuffle awake. For now, it is still quiet.
He turns to the man and says " When I'm done, will I see my son? "
And the man smiles and says nothing and the man looks out to the river as the dawn breaks. The sun warms his face and he turns toward it and the morning begins then. He looks out to the river and the light is beautiful and he sheds a tear. He breathes and turns and looks and the man is gone. He stands there on the fire escape, leaning on the rail, and watches the sun rise. When the moment passes, he goes inside and sleeps.

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