Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Murder in the City

I'm not going to bother with introductions and junk. My name is Benel Germosen, I'm unemployed and I write stories with the abundant free time I have. Carotid Artery is my place for posting those stories and whatever the hell else I feel like. I hope you enjoy it and are a regular. Or not, either way. Here's the first story. A piece of flash fiction without a title:

When I created the darkness, I thought it best to hide things. The light was so brilliant that something had to go with it.. Something had to exist opposite of it or else what would be the point.

Hello. I am...I just am. I never got around to giving myself a name. Everything else just seemed to do it for me. It wasn't their job, but they did so. Something like acknowledging me. Something about something a name...quantitative it. Trap it in the box. Place a label on it. It's why I created names, y'know. In the first place. For me, it's just sort of a title and it's nice. Who wouldn't want a name?

Now where was I?

Yes. The darkness. It was just sort of...natural. It came about and I just twisted light and bent it around and tucked it in and expanded it, made it bigger and took away what made it light and there it was. Darkness. Pure. Expansive. Everywhere.

But it was empty. Empty just like the light was empty. But empty unlike the light was empty. Empty in a different way. Hallow, I guess would be the term. The light, there was something...a center. It housed a little bit of me, like the dark but unlike the dark. From the light I used to create but the dark, the dark was wider. I didn't use to create. I created in the light.

I created the things that would go in the dark. I formed it. I took my breath and spoke my words and there it was. So when the First listened, when my morning star craned it's head towards the whispers, it was my voice in echo, twisted in the dark, that he heard. And when it fell, it was into my hands, a reflection, spun in the void. And when it took it's new name, and when it twisted the void around it to fit the new vision, it was in my shadow it stood and made it " his ", I guess.

I wish he could forgive me.

© 2007 Benel Germosen

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