Friday, December 25, 2009

Announcing! Short Fazed Fiction

It is my pleasure to announce the beginning of Short Fazed Fiction at Carotid Artery. Short Fazed Fiction is user-generated literary content that allows anyone, anyone, to submit and have posted a piece of fiction or poetry. The catch: It has to be short. Flash-fiction, micro-fiction, vignettes,and short stories are allowed. No novellas, novels, or novelettes. 7500 words and under. Poetry, songs, scripts (stage, screen or otherwise), essays and articles are allow depending on individual length. Anything that's too long for publishing here will probably be linked to. All submissions will be read and most will be excepted (I'm not picky). Any genre or style is allowed. Adult content is allowed, but all submissions will be published with a content advisory warning. All rights belong to all respective parties at all times during submission and publications.

Send all submissions to

Other news:

The last few weeks I've been silently posting up rough drafts of the book I've been working on. For a while, it's been a little unformed series of ideas and a good writing exercise but over the last few weeks it's crystalized into something more. And so I'd like to announce that I'm going to be pursuing this as a full-fledged novel and I'll be seeking publication of it when I'm done (like you care) and I'll devoting all my time to it in the coming year. The book is called The Hanged Man (for the time being) and it'll be a rip-sorting paranormal thriller about a dead man recruited by the Devil to hunt down condemned souls let loose on Earth. If you heard the premise before (you probably have in the short-lived series Brimstone), settle down. The Hanged Man is a different beast. A darker, more twisted beast that I hope you guys enjoy. I'll be continuing to write short fiction and posting up, but I'm hoping that as I'm writing this board can become a place where people can share stories and expand their creative horizons.

Here's to you.

Benel Germosen 2009

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