Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Small Intermission

I had dreams. I don't remember the second one too well. Dick was going away to college and I wanted to throw him a party but I lost the address to the place. I'm losing it now. I can't remember it. The second one is still there though, clear as day. I was trying not to doze off in the cave because I've been up all night. I had knives in the back of my eyes from lack of sleep and my back was on fire. I don't remember getting up, but I must have gone to the kitchen for some coffee and I heard music playing the gallery. When I open the door, my father is having a party. I know it's my father's party because everyone is masks and gowns and suits. Like a mascaraed ball. And I'm standing there and I feel silly because I don't have a costume. I don't have the right costume on, I mean. And I go around the party and I'm looking for my father, but I can't find him. Someone, I think it was Emile Corey, you know him from boarding school? He runs a software company now. I think he tells me that my father was called away. He's at the hospital right now, performing surgery. And then I woke up.

©Benel Germosen, 2007
Bruce Wayne, Batman, Dick Grayson all registered trademarks of DC Comics and Warner Bros.

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