Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Greater Metropolitan Area

There were great many things Ray never wanted to see again. Keeping Up with the Kardasians, LOLcats, People who say " Looking like a foo' with they pants on the ground ", James Van Der Beek. Among these list of things, the most highest was listed simply as HER. Her was Jenny Jurgen, a tall thin brunette with wiry glasses and a milky complexion. The reason was simple: Ray had once been in love with her.

It was not cold that day. The air was sharp in the way only winter brought and the light was dull gray and dim, but Ray was not chilly in his jumpsuit and jacket. His lips tasted the frost in the vapors that leapt from his tongue, but he had his gloves on and that was alright. He was walking down Fulson street toward the subway when he saw her. She was arm-holding a shopping bag and pushing a stroller with the blissful intent of a busy person. She walked with a happy bob. Her curls bounced with each step. Ray's heart fell out of his chest and landed in his stomach. His brow narrowed and then blood rushed to his face. He sat his feet to move before she saw him. As he stepped off the corner, she called up to him and he turned. He made a show of seeming surprised, acting as if he had not noticed her coming down the street and waited as she approached.

They talked for a whole ten minutes. She talked about her husband. Ray talked about his third floor walk up and his collection of pokemon miniature. She told him how happy she was. How she was a manager at the bank and how Kayla was going to be two soon. Ray listened and said nothing. He checked his watch, made an excuse and took his leave. Jenny kissed him on his cheek before he left and she squeezed his hand. Ray smiled and turned away and when he was sure she wasn't looking he frowned and ducked his hands into his pocket.

She had not done nothing but have a good life and this had crushed him, somehow. He worked the afternoon in a funk until...

" Is that a dragon? " he said as he turned the corner.

And it was.

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