Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black Law

I was born in the clouds above mountains,
cold then when my feet touch the ground
My mother was Laufey, who some call Nal

I was small for a j├Âtunn
Smaller and smarter and slender
and sharper, still sharp now.

I changed my shape, blend
I was Loki of flies, Loki of Moths
Loki of the fire, and my name

haunt little night and little
night dreams, for the Aesir
would furrow at schemes

Made known, are known, know
now how I made them laugh when
they needed a laugh, but plans

they drew up I smashed, twist
then and turn them into confections
to play and throw around

Tell Heimdall do not wait, for they
come far and I farther still most go
must come, to a chamber underneath

the earth, where I would shake
Chain cuffed, embrace fate, be
not scare for daughter I come.

Narfi, my son.

See you again where all we go,
A Hel that everyone will know.

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