Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Air Above Houses And Floors


She stood at the stairs, staring at her can of cope. She really wanted to dip but she couldn’t, not at the scene. Judy cut a clean figure in her three-piece. Tall and slender. Her face was angular and striking, way too pretty to be doing this job. “ I should have been a model”.

One of the techies came up then. “Where she at?” He said as she slung his bag over his shoulder.

“Lord knows.”

“Well, you might want to take a look at this in the meanwhile.”

She raised her hand and waved him off. “Can’t. I leave her out of it and she’ll throw a fit. I’ll wait here.”

The techie gave her a look and she shook his head and as he walked away she could hear someone coming up the stairs.

“Here.” Marley said and Judy half-turned when toward her but was smacked back by the smell.

“You been drinking?”

“Little bit.”

She sighed and turned and she waved Marley on and said “Come on. We need you.” And they walked down the hall.

The elevators were swarmed with forensics and Marley was surprised to see Hobs amongst them, squatting over the body like a scavenger picking at the bones.

“What doya’ got?” Marley blurted out and began to laugh uncontrollably.

“She drunk?” Hob said.

“Little bit.” Judy said and stepped to his right. “About the vic…”

Hob began “White, male, 53 years old. Good shape for someone his hand.”

Marley slumped against the wall and slipped her hands into her pocket, smacking her lips. “You setting up his facebook profile or what?” She said. “Get to the good stuff.”

Judy shot her a look and the mark on her face stopped her. “Is that a bruise?” She asked.

Hob knelt and lifted the white sheet. The vic was once handsome for a man his age but all those movie star good looks were probably faded before his face grew an extra whole. Judy could put the pieces together in her mind and she could tell that he smiled a lot.

“Gunshot to the head, just above the right eyebrow.” Hob fingered the chin and turned it onto its right side and Judy saw the funnel-shaped hole where the back of his brain was leaking out.

“Blood splatter pattern indicates that he was standing to the right of the door. We’ve got the ballistics searching for the bullet but so far no luck. Not even a casing.”

Judy looked at Marley and Marley looked preoccupied with her cell phone.

“Killer picked up after himself?”

“Maybe” Marley said.

“Who called this in?” She asked Hob.

“Cleaning lady.” He pointed to the set of doors down the hall.

“Alright’ She looked at Marley. “Let’s go.”

Marley waved her off as she stared blankly at the screen. “You do that. I’ll hang around here and…” She trailed off for a moment before beginning to titter. “Heh, right.” She murmured to herself and began to bash in the keys.

Judy snatched the phone out of her hand and as Marley stepped forward she held it up over her head and held Marley at arm’s length.

“Give it.”


“Give it.”


The techies were watching. She was glad, because if Marley threw down she’ll need someone to identify the remains afterwards. Judy put the phone in her pocket and looked at Marley.

“You’ll get it back when we’re done.” And coolly she walked away, never letting Marley see her hands trembling as she headed towards the door.

Marley watched her go and then followed her.

“Fucking dyke.” She muttered.

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