Wednesday, May 25, 2011


He had polished the stock in chestnut oil then he put it down to dry. He check the winch, giving it quick rotation of the handle followed by two long ones. He then oiled the gears. He sanded the notch smooth then looked down the barrel when he was done. He cleaned the residue from the frontispiece and then tested the strength of the arms by bowing them against the ground. He unbound a length of coil and cut it to exacting length. He wound the coil tight around the arms and attached the arms to the frontispiece.

He polished the trigger and the release-pick. He gave the trigger a few quick pulls followed by a long one, paying special attention to the pick and how it reared up. He took the forked sight and stared down it before screwing the sight to the top of the frontispiece. He attached the winch to the body of the barrel. He attached the frontispiece to the barrel. He attached the barrel to the stock.

He loaded three clips with twelve bolts each and attached one of those clips to the bolt-well at the bottom. He pulled back the slide which loaded the bolt into the slide and palmed it forward to load the bolt into the barrel-well. The arrowhead flushed straight with the groves of the frontispiece.

He rotated the winch back until the cord was pulled taunt, held in place by the pick. The arrowhead disappeared within the recesses of the deep dark barrel. He affixed a top-cover over the barrel and put the crossbow down.

He inspected a small hand crossbow and loaded it with a single bolt before collapsing it. He loaded a quiver of five bolts and strapped them to the outside of his thigh. He holstered the small hand crossbow underneath his cloak and as his final act he slipped a dirk into his boot.

When he was done, he picked up his new assembled crossbow and walked out of the door.

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