Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Okinawa Dream

Two poems for the price of one!

Sleep in Motion
(or I occasionally fall asleep on the train from time to time)

Sleep in motion
Dream in movements
I fade into the car
Steam filling my lungs

To close my eyes
Wake closer to
And farther from my destination
A straight line where to where time suspends

Swept away imagines
Under the tunnels
Inside the ventricles of my dear city
Steady on to home

A voice says
This is...and says the stations name
Always a platform away
At the purposed hour


You Have To Read This To Susie

In math I stare at
The back of your head
Waiting for a glimpse of your face
in profile

I think of you

And when we share a desk
In Home Ec.
Your knee bumps into mine
I shutter

How can I tell you this?

True, I am awkward
Not like the other boys who
Are much better at
Swim class

I know I don't talk much, I am
Scared of my own high mousey
Voice, I clam up when you're

I hope you can forgive this

Were I to write this down on a
Piece of scrap paper using
Words I think I know
Will you be impressed?

Or will you just look at me like a
Man looks at a confused
Dog who has spent the day barking at
Himself in the mirror

Recess is starting soon. I'll see you then.

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