Thursday, October 13, 2016

Besotten vs. Besot

There might be something fun here. I would like to see what Charlie does or encounters on his way out of Hell. I love traveling stories and I'm a little fascinated by the concept of Hell as a place and sin as a concept. In fact there's a few stories about Hell and it's denizens on here. You should read those too.
It's been fun since I've restarted this thing. This is like a room in my head that I opened in a while. Everything is covered in a film of dust and nostalgia. There's a musty smell coming from the corner. I'd get a broom and a dustpan. Clean some of these exhibits up. Maybe throw some of them away.



Charlie is Leaving Hell

Charlie pried himself off the cross and laid his feet down on the sandblasted terrain of Hell for the first time in a long while. Yes, it hurt, but everything in Hell hurt. Hell was loud, hot, smelled awful and the air tasted like smoke. Nothing in Hell was designed for pleasure, but Charlie –- like everyone eventually does–- adjusted and now he could operate in the infinite anguish of the abyss through the discomfort.

The demon that approached Charlie was grotesque and corpulent. Flies buzzed around open wounds that leaked blood and pus down its filthy sloven body. Where its mouth would have been, there was only a tooth filled maw which dripped rivers of runny shit down its chest. When it spoke, it was through gurgling spurts of bubbling bile.

“Hey! What are you doing? Get back up there. You’re not done suffering yet.” It said.

“I’m kinda done.” Charlie replied.

“You’re kinda done?” The demon said and Charlie noticed for the first time just how tall the monster was. The demon's breath was hot and pungent and as it spoke shit dribbled from its mouth onto Charlie's head. "Done? You're in Hell. You're here for eternity."

"Yeah, I know but..." Charlie stopped and then looked at the endless baking nothingness around him. " know. I'm done. I want to do something else."

Charlie read the demon's expression as baffled, but it could have been anything, as the demon's eyes were angular voids carved into its scalp.

"Are you joking? What part of eternity damnation and torment is unclear to you? You're not in Hell on vacation. You're in Hell because you're a bad person and you deserve to suffer. Now get back on there." said the demon, punctuating the statement by gesturing towards cross behind him. 

Charlie crossed his arms. "Or what?"

To this the demon said "'Or what?' I'll eviscerate you. I will rip you apart, limb from limb, and devour your soul until there's nothing less but the merest scrap of skin. I will pour acid down your throat slowly. I will rip slits into skin and let worms feast on your open wounds. I'll bash your skull in with your own arm, over and over and over again until you're nothing but a bloody paste between your own fingers. I'll pull your fingernails off your hands slowly and cut your eyelids off so you have to watch me while I do it. That's what!" 

If Charlie had to guess at the demon's expression, it would have been pride. Its head tilted back and shit ran down its chest, seeping into the leaking wounds and mixing with the bloody pus within. Charlie shrugged "Yeah, and that would be pretty bad but so is everything else here." He said. "It doesn't really matter what you do to me. In the end, it’s going to be awful. So I can stay here and be tortured, or I can leave and be tortured. Either way, I'm getting tortured so..." 

Charlie moved around the demon and began to walk away. He didn't look back at the demon, didn't feel the need to, but if he did he would could see the demon growing smaller in the distance. If he could read the demon's expression -- which wasn't guaranteed but Charlie had gotten pretty good in a short time -- he would have guessed at that expression was fear. 

And Charlie would have been right. 

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