Thursday, March 9, 2017

Clocks of Timewood

This came to me like a thunderbolt while I worked, listening to Harmontown. The Fat Man isn't Donald Trump, because I'm not a completely boring person, but I do like calling him Fat Trump because that makes me laugh. I might edit this one later, but for now enjoy. 


A Fat Man Rambles 

"Get a job" The Fat Man rambles

"No one is gonna do it for you"

"What are you reading for?" The Fat man says

"Books ain't gonna do you any good"

"You gotta do what you can to survive" The Fat Man sings

"You have to make sacrifices" and adds "for the common good"

The Fat Man tells you to work.

The Fat Man gives you your wages

The Fat Man laughs with his friends

The Fat Man is nice, the few times he speaks to you

But the Fat Man rambles. 

And doesn't dream

of lights

like you do 

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